Dipl.-Ing. Zdeňka Jordánová

Originally an economist, nowadays Zdenka is engaged in self-development courses and writing books about life. She introduces universal regularities and principles of life. She presents a vision of society based on cooperation, where people put individual points of view together instead of fighting for their own views. This way they gain a fuller picture. Cooperation starts within each of us... The cooperation with themselves!

“Be yourself”, really. It is an option how to live your own life with fulfillment, how to find your own goal and meaning of life.

Each of us is a unique person, and we can live our life meaningfully. We’re the only owners of our life. What kind of life we create, depends on us only.

“Each of us is a creator. Some people have forgotten it because they started to believe that they can’t arrange their own life in their own way. We sometimes try and try, but we aren’t able to overcome our own limits. They are in our own head and they restrain us from going forward. Sometimes it may be enough that our parents or our first grade teacher didn’t believe that we could sing beautifully, and we gave it up forever. We forget what we came to learn here in this life. We forget our plan. The fear of pain teaches us to protect ourselves, and to do what we don’t want. The more we get lost in our lives, the unhappier we are.

But we can change this!!! The limits are in our attitudes. Our intentions lead our lives. Get rid of blocks from past, recognize your real motivations! You are exquisite and amazing! If you create your life that way, the whole planet will be better of.

Recollect! You have the power! Create your life based on your imagination! Recognize the connections!”

Catalogue of books
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